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Procedural Buildings

Quickly generate building assets that look like the local skyline, with great flexibility on shape and textures.


Pedestrian and Vehicular

Holistic simulation visualises gaps and design flaws, allowing for retification in the pre-build stage.


Roads and Standard Assets

Auto-generated roads, coupled with standard road assets infused with local context, brings a familarity to the simuation.

Our Goal

To create a holistic urban planning siumulation framework, allowing for architects and engineers alike to collaborate easily. The framework will act as a digital twin, testing for design flaws and possible complications in the pre-build stage.

We hope to bring about real change in the master plan process.


Meet the Team




Massing and Roads




Massing and Procedural Building


Sing Ru


Standard Asset Library


Cher Don

Data & Software

Vehicle Simulation and Documentation


Chin Hong

Data & Software

Pedestrian Simulation and Documentation

Array of Features

High fidelity simulation perfect for presentations

High Fidelity

High fidelity massing models and assets make sure that the simulation would run as if there were no difference with the real thing

Realism ensured

With the standard asset library, you are sure to feel at home when running the simulation

Optimized for performance

Using the unity profiler, we optimized the simulation to run smoothly

Stress testing capabilities

Features include having a constant flow of pedestrian and vehicles, allowing architects and engineers to know the realistic capacity of the space

Multiple scenarios

We framed multiple possible scenarios to be able to emulate what might happen and possible design flaws

Supporting assets

Background buildings? Street furniture? We got you covered with our procedural building and standard library, ensuring that your skyline won't be empty

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